This Guy Fit A Four Post Lift In His Garage. The Project’s Cost Might Make You Want To Do The Same Thing.

Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez, the king of car valuation and buyer of Doug DeMuro’s old Aston Martin, currently has the unfortunate problem of having too many cars and not having enough places to put them in. Therefore he thought it was wise to put in a four post lift in his new Florida home. And the overall cost to do it might just make you do the same thing. If you have a garage of course…

Having learned from his past, doing major car maintenance on his back atop cold and crusty New Jersey driveways, the additional utility provided by the lift would mean easier accessibility and troubleshooting. The extra space also means he can park his newly acquired Aston Martin atop his not so new Mercedes-Benz.

The Cost?

Overall the project cost Tavarish $5,000, or as he puts it, the “equivalent of a used Honda Civic.” The $3,000 Bendpak HD-9 four post car lift is not the cheapest lift kit you can find. However, not wanting to take the risks he took before with inferior quality tools, he felt that the 9,000 lb certification was worth the premium. He also added a $1,200 air-powered jack, fitted to the lift, to raise the car off its wheels, which would allow him to work on wheels and suspension components. Rounding off the project was a $800 contracted installation job.

$5,000 might not exactly be cheap for a lot of people. But the convenience and money saved by doing all your car maintenance by yourself, via a lift that won’t crush you to death, might just work out for you in the end financially.

(Source: Tavarish)


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