Ford Performance Recreates Iconic Film With Their Mustang. But Nothing Beats The Original

If you’ve never seen the short film C’était un rendez-vous (In English: It Was A Date) made by Claude LeLouch, do yourself a favor and watch the movie below. The movie was about rushing through the streets of Paris to meet someone at Sacré-Cœur Basilica. The entire scene was shot in one take atop a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL, dubbed with a Ferrari 275GTB V12 soundtrack.

Before you go saying “Sure, my GoPro can do something like that, EASY!” just remember that this was done in the mid 70s. And the sheer logistics of driving something at high speeds through the streets of Paris. It would be damn near impossible, and risky as hell, to do today.

A Dull Recreation

Fast forward more than 40 years later, Ford Performance has brought the Rendezvous concept to 2017 standards. They’ve attached a 360 degree camera in front of their Ford Mustang and attempted the routes filmmaker LeLouch took in the original film. Presumably due to not wanting to break the law or encourage illegal street racing, this modern take on the classic short film has been extremely dulled. No longer is the trip an eight-minute single take, rather it has been chopped into multiple cuts made into a ninety-second reel.

The V12 sound from the original has also been replaced by the Mustang’s V8. While we love the sound of American Muscle, the video didn’t capitalize on engine sounds, making the video a little bland to watch.

Do you agree? See it for yourself below in 360 and let us know.

(Source: YouTube)


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