Watch the Ram 2500 Power Wagon’s Suspension In Action

Automotive suspension is the unsung hero of a vehicle’s performance. Perhaps because it won’t push a car forward quicker and it seems to work by magic. It suspends your ride while keeping the tires pointed in the correct direction and is intimately related to cornering speed and stability. Watching it in action is downright hypnotic, and this YouTuber of engineering fame has something special for us.

Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained shows us what happens on the front end of a Power Wagon’s suspension while off road. The Power Wagon has a solid axle on either end which is generally simpler than independent suspension yet more suited to Power Wagon-type duties. Ram Trucks does have a surprise innovation for their truck: the “articulink,” a linkage found on the lower control arm that allows for more articulation of the front axle.

The whole Power Wagon package starts at $51,695 and comes with plenty of off-roading goodies such as a WARN winch, gas-filled monotube shocks, electronically locking front and rear axles, and an electronic stabilizer bar disconnect for that extra bit of flex when hopping over obstacles on the trail. Watch the front end in action below:


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