Here’s Why the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Costs $80,000

Alfa Romeo has returned to the US market in a big way. In a crazy and quite frankly awesome first move, they brought the 4C across the pond. Who reintroduces themselves to one of the largest consumer markets in the world with a completely useless, fantastic sports car? Alfa does. After that, their next car was only slightly less bonkers.

The Guilia Quadrifoglio is the highest spec version of the Giulia, the first Alfa Romeo sedan in the US in over 25 years. It has a 505 horsepower, twin-turbo, V6 engine that sounds absolutely mad. The looks are mostly good (thought I’m not a huge fan) and it seems that the majority of the automotive world likes the styling. But why, in a world of BMW M3s, Mercedes C63 AMGs, and Audi RS4s does this thing cost around 80 grand?

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Because when you drive it, it’s an experience like no other. The exhaust note is visceral and angry. But wait, this is an Italian sports sedan. Surely there must be something wrong with it, right? There has to be a “but” at the end of all this good news, right?

Seems like that is a no. If FCA deems us worth, you can bet your sweet ass we’ll be giving this car a thorough thrashing.


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