Honest Car Salesman Has A Ridiculous Way Of Selling Cars

Sales can be a tough gig, and selling something that no one really wants can be even tougher. That’s why some sales people resort to using trickery and dishonesty to present something to be better than it actually is. And when it comes to dishonesty and trickery, used car sales people have one of the worst reputations. So it’s quite refreshing to see this salesman for a used car dealer in Kansas City, Missouri, be more honest and transparent about their goods.

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The Honest Car Salesman

In the video he showcases the “Bucket Section” of the dealership where there are plenty of options for people that don’t have a lot of money. He also presented the Baby-Daddy and Grandma specials like the $1,500 Grand Marquis and Buick LeSabre. If you want to be adventurous with your purchase they even have fixer uppers that they’ll readily sell you. They just ask that after three months down the line, you don’t go back complaining about problems with the alternator, or that the tires are flat, or that the brakes don’t work, etc.

This is the part of the “commercial” where they also tout their motor and transmission repair expertise. Excuse the profanity:

Look.. Fuck that, we’re selling Motors and Transmission alright? As long as that motor ain’t blowin up, or the transmission ain’t fuckin’ shittin’… Don’t bring that shit back trippin’. Alright?

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As for transparency, they even suggested bringing anyone you know to inspect these cars before you take them off the lot:

Bring your baby daddy’s, bring your grandpas, your grandmas. Bring any motherfuckers you want to bring to check these motherfuckers out, because we don’t want you to bring this shit back and complain about nothin!

We hope these guys get a ton of business, and you might find some hidden gems in the Bucket Section

(Source: YouTube)


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