Porsche 918 Beating Nissan Patrol Seen On The Grand Tour Revealed. How It’s Done Explains A Lot

The first season of the Grand Tour is over now and if you haven’t seen a single episode then you are really missing out. Luckily, you can always check head here to check on all of our Grand Tour coverage. If you did watch it and caught the last episode of the Boys’ show then you saw how the Porsche 918 was decimated by a Nissan Patrol. Richard Hammond was smugly confident that the hybrid hypercar was more than capable of beating a Nissan sport utility vehicle from a decade ago. But little did he know that the Patrol was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In this case, a Nissan GT-R in a Nissan Patrol clothing.

The Patrol’s hood alone should give you a clue as to what lies beneath. It has been molded to reflect the GT-R‘s twin hood bulge and functional hood intake vents. Lift it up and you find Godzilla’s heart, the VR38DETT that has been stroked to 4.1 liters and pushing out a massive 1,900 horsepower. Open the doors and step inside, you find the entire GT-R’s interior has been transplanted as well. In fact, the entire drivetrain and suspension components has been brought over from the GT-R. 1320 Video just put out a detailed look into this ridiculous sleeper, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that it was capable of beating the Porsche 918 so handily.

If you haven’t seen the actual Porsche spanking on The Grand Tour, here’s the segment down below:

(Source: 1320 Video)


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