These Crackpots Bought A Working Stripped Out Low Mileage Corvette C5 For Dirt Cheap

If you’ve watched old Top Gear, The Grand Tour, and even New Top Gear, you’ll know that open wheeled, convertible sports cars are a joy to drive. Cars like the Zenos E10S, the Ariel Atom, and the BAC Mono are lightweight, have decent power, and pretty amazing suspension that will allow you to be a track/AutoX hero for the day. The downside to those cars is that it’s pretty damn expensive to own. And given the limited functionality of track toys, they’re usually sitting in a garage most of the year, making the high initial cost a tougher pill to swallow.

What if there was an alternative? Cleetus McFarland’s channel on YouTube may have just discovered a wonderful option for people looking for a lightweight track/drift car: Really ridiculously fast sports cars that has a salvage title, and has been stripped out.

He bought the 32,000 mile, 2001 C5 Corvette, for only a measly $5,500. That’s quite an amazing bargain if it weren’t for the missing everything. But that’s the part that makes this Corvette much more interesting. The extremely lightweight and front heavy stripped out C5 will undoubtedly be the happiest drifting machine in the world. We can’t wait to see what ideas he has for this build, we’ll certainly be watching.

(Source: Cleetus McFarland)


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