Driving A Turbocharged Honda Accord Challenges Your Ricer Stereotypes

We’ve all hated on riced out cars. There’s something about a family sedan with a massive rear wing and a fart can exhaust that bothers everyone. Usually, these “Ricers” are all show and no go making more noise than horsepower. However, the turbocharged Honda Accord driven by Matt Farah in his latest One Take shows how good a proper modded Accord really is.

It’s easy to complain about riced out cars. They’re loud, usually driven aggressively, and have terrible exterior mods. I’ve always generalized that they drive as badly as their farty exhausts sounded, but that’s not always the case.The turbocharged 1994 Honda Accord Matt tested was actually good to drive. It had the usual loud exhaust and massive rear spoiler but it also had good power and a well sorted chassis. Racing seats might look out of place in a 23-year-old Honda Accord but when it can corner this good you need them.

Power comes from a turbocharged F23A Inline four cylinder engine. This engine now makes 265 horsepower and 260 lb/ft of torque, respectable numbers from a 23-year-old car. With the added power and suspension upgrades the owner managed to build a capable raw sports sedan. It loves to rev in true Honda fashion and proves there might be something to all these riced out Hondas that hang out at my local Wawa all night.


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